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Job Opportunities

Physical Education and Sport

  • manager of sports facilities/ recreation centres;
  • escort and security agent for physical persons;
  • head of security, access control, order and intervention teams;
  • head of security teams in enclosures (sports facilities/ recovery centres, institutions, hotels, shops etc.);
  • utilitarian climber; coach for initiation groups;
  • personal trainer;
  • research assistant in performance sports;
  • research assistant in adapted sport;
  • researcher;
  • organizer of adapted sports competitions;
  • organizer of sports activities and artistic-sports activities;
  • organizer / leader of sports tourism groups;
  • leader/ owner (guarantor) of a small enterprise in sports, tourism, recovery etc.;
  • coordinator of sports camps on different levels;
  • consultant on social integration/ reintegration through sport;
  • vocational consultant in sports-programme high schools/ schools;
  • sports press correspondent;
  • radio consultant for sporting/ educational shows on performance sports;
  • consultant on sports issues for web page design;
  • physical education teacher in primary education/ lower secondary education/ normal classrooms/ sports classrooms;
  • documentarian (on issues related to sports and human performance);
  • sports editor;
  • sports coordinator in penitentiaries/ re-education centres;
  • sports guide;
  • consultant for fitting-out sports grounds/ facilities;
  • ski instructor;
  • consultant for organizing book stalls at fairs and exhibitions (on issues related to sports and human performance);
  • exhibition presenter of sports equipment and circus jobs;
  • specialist consultant in companies, corporations, associations, foundations etc. (on issues related to sports and human performance);
  • mountain rescuer;
  • lifeguard; organizer/ coordinator of lifeguard teams – sea/ pool;
  • organizer/ coordinator of mountain rescuer teams;
  • consultant for fitting-out playgrounds;
  • consultant for fitting-out sports/recovery areas/centres;
  • designer of sports materials/ installations/ apparatus;
  • physical trainer;
  • circus jobs: acrobat, juggler, tightrope walker, perch performer, trapeze artist, clown, circus artist, presenter, choreographer etc.;
  • advertising consultant for sports materials; organizer/ team coordinator for sporting events, cultural-sporting events;
  • sports marketing consultant;
  • public relations;
  • rescue team leader for rescue and first-aid interventions in sports facilities at the sea, pool, in the mountain environment.


Potential employers:

Units of the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administrative Reform, National Agency for Sport, National Anti-Doping Agency, National Anti-Drug Agency, Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, National Sports Research Institute, sports associations, circus, socio-educational centres, re-education and punishment institutions, socialization/ re-socialization centres, foster care units, foundations, companies, corporations, tourist centres, holiday/ thematic/ sports camps, production units, NGOs, media and teaching-aids producing companies, radio, TV, written press, sports clubs, artistic groups, children’s clubs, veterans’ clubs, justice and police systems, sports areas and facilities intended for training and competition, public places, local administration institutions, advertising agencies




  • Kinetotherapist in centers/ rehabilitation units of public and private hospitals
  • Kinetotherapist in sanatoria
  • Kinetotherapist in special schools
  • Kinetotherapist in neuromotor rehabilitation centers
  • Kinetotherapist in social assistance centers
  • Kinetotherapist in health, sports, leisure and relaxation centers